Recommendations for Installation

The vertically drilled two hole brick of Santa Julia is made from compressed prismatic clay that is extruded through a heating process to more than 1000 ° C. The cells or voids which are left inside lighten its structure without detracting from its strength, whilst providing load.

  • For all enamelled products, maintenance costs are zero, since its surface has been subjected to an application of enamel glaze that makes it completely suitable for high-risk buildings.
  • In extreme climates of hot or cold the construction is always comfortable and welcoming.
  • Its minimal absorption even for natural unglazed non clay products does not permit the reaction of soluble salts - causing erosion, due to excess moisture to which our products are subjected.
  • The low porosity of all our perforated vertical products guarantee a high compressive strength - according to National and International Standards, in addition to the fire resistance test and resistance to weathering.
  • The variety of measures that make up the range of structural products cover the needs of the most demanding constructions, coupled with manufactured glazes or one, two and three faces; not to mention fabrications for curved walls.